Don’t ask me what is POF heat shrinkable film, tell you below?

POF heat-shrinkable film meets the use of novel packaging containers with different shapes. This non-toxic, odorless, grease-resistant, and food hygiene-compliant film allows designers to use eye-catching colors to achieve a 360° label design. Give full play to creativity and imagination, so that beverages and other commodities are more vivid in label use, highlight the image on the shelf, and produce an unexpected container effect. In the POF heat shrinkable film industry, the company ranks first in domestic market share and second in global market share.

POF heat shrinkable film products can be subdivided into three categories: POF ordinary film, POF cross-linked film, and POF high-performance film according to specific uses and processes. At present, the company’s sales revenue and gross profit of these three types of products account for more than 95 % Above is the main source of company revenue and profits. In 2016Q1, due to factors such as the decline in raw material costs, the company’s product gross profit margin increased. In the first quarter, it achieved a net profit of 20,265,600 yuan attributable to the parent, a year-on-year increase of 268.15%.

1) PE heat-shrinkable film is widely used in the whole assembly packaging of wines, cans, mineral water, various beverages, cloths and other products. The product has good flexibility, impact resistance, tear resistance, and is not easy to break. , Not afraid of tide, large shrinkage rate;

2) PVC film has the characteristics of high transparency, good gloss and high shrinkage;

3) POF has the characteristics of high surface gloss, good toughness, high tear resistance, uniform heat shrinkage and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging. It is a replacement product of traditional PVC heat shrinkable film. POF means heat shrinkable film. POF stands for multi-layer co-extruded polyolefin heat shrinkable film. It uses linear low-density polyethylene as the middle layer (LLDPE) and co-polypropylene (pp) as the inner and outer layers. It is plasticized and extruded out of the machine, and then processed by special processes such as die forming and film bubble inflation.

Easy to raise and work. High toughness, low rubbing, can be used for automatic packaging of higher-speed production lines. The PVC processing process will produce volatile matter, which is easy to cause mechanical damage, and it is easy to stick to the sealing rod, which is inconvenient to work and difficult to maintain. 5. Safety After POF shrink packaging, the four corners of the seal are soft, will not cut human hands, and are resistant to rubbing. After PE shrink packaging, the four corners of the seal are soft and will not cut human hands. After PVC shrink packaging, the four corners of the seal are hard and sharp, easy Cuts and bleeds. 6. Environmental protection and sanitation POF is non-toxic, does not produce toxic odors during processing, and meets US FDA and USDA standards. PE is non-toxic, does not produce toxic gas during processing, and meets U.S. FDA and USDA standards. PVC is toxic, and processing will produce odor and toxic gas, and it is gradually prohibited.

OPS shrink film (oriented polystyrene) heat shrinkable film is a new type of packaging material with ops heat shrinkable film that meets environmental protection requirements. OPS heat shrinkable film has high strength, high rigidity, stable shape, and good gloss and transparency. Convenient processing, easy coloring, good printing performance, and extremely high printing resolution. For trademarks that are constantly pursuing fine printing, it is completely an improvement in materials. Because of the high shrinkage and strength of OPS film, it can fit closely to containers of various shapes, so it can not only print exquisite patterns,

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