Is there any difference between POF and heat shrinkable film?

Is there any difference between POF and heat shrinkable film? POF means heat shrinkable film. The full name of POF is called multi-layer co-extruded polyolefin heat shrinkable film. It uses linear low-density polyethylene as the middle layer (LLDPE) and co-polypropylene (PP) as the inner and outer layers. It is formed by plasticizing and extruding out of the machine, and then undergoing special processes such as die forming and film bubble inflation. Its English name is Polyole fin. Generally speaking, the heat shrinkable film is POF, or Polyole fin Shrink Film.

1. For frozen food, the storage time is longer.

2. Flexibility and strong stretchability.

3. With self-adhesive function.

4. It has extremely high gloss and transparency.

5. At low temperature, it shortens quickly.

6. Excellent sealing at high speed. Because of its strong bonding ability, shrink film is used in craft surround and machine surround.

7. Safe and non-toxic: The materials used in the heat shrinkable film are non-toxic and are the only green packaging materials certified in the United States.

8. Good flexibility: avoid the impact of the packaged items by external forces, and play a role in protecting the packaged items. The packaging cost is low, and the quality is low.

9. High shrinkage rate: The shrinkage rate of the heat shrinkable film can reach up to 75%, which is suitable for the collective packaging of multiple items, which is convenient for transportation. And can meet the shrinkage requirements of different commodities.

10. Strong cold resistance: Even under the condition of minus 50 degrees Celsius, its physical properties will not change, so it is suitable for the packaging and transportation of frozen food.

PVC heat shrinkable film is suitable for the packaging needs of products in various industries. It can be used for single or small collection packaging, or large tray packaging. It can be used for stationery, toys, textiles, paper products, beverages, medicine, Heat-shrink packaging for tongue-and-groove flooring, hardware appliances, etc. Heat shrinkable film is the most widely used and rapidly developing new environmentally friendly shrink film in the real world.

It has high transparency, high shrinkage, high toughness, high heat sealing performance, antistatic, excellent cold resistance, safe and reliable soft shrinkage membrane. It is widely used in outer packaging and collective packaging in various industries such as food, cosmetics, gifts, medicine, stationery, toys, audio-visual products, electronics, plastic hardware, daily necessities, etc. It is suitable for semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines.

Post time: Dec-04-2020